Portfolio Information

"Objective of My Portfolio"
  • I arranged the Thumb Nails according to the date I took then at SUNY Cobleskill.
  • I started with Computer Graphic II course which I took in the fall semester of 2000-2001
  • The next course was Computer Graphic I which I took the Spring semester of 2001.
  • The next course I took was Typography and Design in the Fall semester of 2001-2002. I also took a Art History I class as well as a Small Animal Management class.
  • The next course I took was Drawing in Spring 2002 This was a 3 hour class once a week I really enjoyed this class due to more hands on no computer stuff.
  • Then in the Fall semester of 2002 I took the Photography & Digital Imaging class which I came to Love so much that I decided to invest in some Darkroom equipment for my home. I just can't get enough of B&W photography.This course helped me find the passion to express myself and helped me re-discover my inner love for my creativity for Photograpy my passion.
  • As of this Spring semester 2003 I am doing a Independent Spec Course of B&W photograpy.
  • What I hope My Portfolio will convey is all my different interest as well as my New found love for Photography,and my unique flambouyet personality.

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