Course Objective:
  1. To introduce students to thought and practice of the Design Process.
  2. To introduce students to the fundanmental elements of Graphic Design.
  3. To develop skill in the methods of techniques of utilizing basic design principles and design elements in creating effective visual communications.
  4. To introduce students to two- dimensional design media.
  5. To develop mastery of basic Graphic Design vocabulary.

Final Project Cassett Insert:
Fall 2002

As Students we where given a list of items to choose from to pick our final project from.I chose
to do a Tribute Cassett to a country,pop celiberity I liked.The final project had to consist of the following:
  • A written paragraph stating the problem.
  • Documentation of research on the problem such as; photocopies,examples of other similar solutions,etc.
  • Evidence of design process, work sheets,etc.
  • At least one in class consultation with our teacher to discuss issues of the project.
  • And last a completed well crafted final solution to the problem.

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