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Michele (Barton) Thomas

ichele was born in Roswell New Mexico March 25 1960 The eldest child of Warren and Marie Barton. While her dad was in the Air force at the time. Shortly after Michele's birth her father decided not to re-enlist, and her parents made the long trip back east. Even though her dad was from UP State NY, they decided to settle in Norwalk, Ct. where her mom was from.

Michele grew up in a Irish/German Catholic family. In her younger years Michele was very close to her Grandmother Anna Sauer on her mother's side. Michele was 4 when her Nana Sauer passed away. At that Michele had an younger brother and a sister not yet born. Michele was always a stubborner, head strong child. Michele was also what today some might refer to as learning disable .Which back in the 60's such a polite term was not available and so some tended to label her as retarded. This has instilled in Michele a drive to prove herself to all. Michele's love for Art,and Country Music is attribute to her father's Artistic abilities and his love of Country Music.

Michele attended public school until the 6th grade,and then she attended catholic school from 6th-12 grade. Michele graduated Central Catholic High School in 1979. Michele then attended Harriman College, in the Fall of "79"-80 and transfer to Mt. Ida Jr. College in Fall "80" and graduated in 1982 with A.A. in Graphic Design.

After Graduation Michele worked in various jobs, until she married in Oct. 1983. Her husband Greg was lucky enough to get a job as a caretaker on an estate in Wilton, Ct. Where Michele, and Greg started a family. Michele gave birth to her son Gordon on Sept. 11,1985 and a daughter Sarah who followed 5 years later on April 16,1990. During this time, Michele also did local Craft Shows on the weekends where she sold her hand painted children wares and accessories. In June of 1998 due to the passing of woman her husband worked for Michele,and her husband decided to relocate to Upstate Ny., for a life of simplicity for her children to enjoy.

Michele and her husband Greg bought this wonderful Old Farm House set on 30 archers, which reminded them of "The Walton's" series on TV. After a couple of years Michele decided to return to College in the summer of 2000 at SUNY Cobleskill just for herself. Michele decided to brush up on all the new technology in Computer Graphics, Michele started with Computer Graphic II,and continue with, Computer Graphic I, Typography, Art History I, Design, Drawing, Web Design, Photography which she discover she had a real passion and knack for so she decided to invest in some used Darkroom equipment with some good advise from one her teachers Mr. Berwick, Who has been an inspiration to her passion of Photography. Mr. Matteson is another one of Michele's teachers who has inspire Michele's creativity. Michele is still attending classes at SUNY Cobleskill where she is nearing the end of all the Graphic and Art classes that are offered at SUNY, but Michele is considering other courses such as Basic Welding, and Flora Design or what ever may interested her.

Michele hopes by reading her Bio page and viewing her Portfolio page that you will get a sense of who she may be and that her personality will be convey through this website, and through her Art.

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