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Visit these two site of Lassie: Weatherwax Trained Dogs is the official Lassie Site for Lassie Fans and chuckfull of information and Lassie items to buy.Colliehaven Also is filled with allot of informative information and links to varrious other sites. So revisit your favorite TV Dog who taught us unconditional love and touch our hearts and souls deeply.

Weatherwax Trained Dogs

Colliehaven Site

This is a wonderful site filled with information on Jonothan Jackson who played Lucky on General Hospital and also stared in other movies, most as "Tuck EverLasting" and Richard Lee Jackson has also stared in television, and movies. Together they have their own band called "JONO and the Rock" their music is very spiritual and uplifting. So please take a visit to this site.


Eddie Rabbitt Links
Eddie Rabbitt is one of my all time favorite Country/Pop song writter and singer his music was more then just words they would lift my spirits when you where feeling low or kept you high when you where feeling good. Eddie Rabbitt left us way too soon due to the battle he loss with lung cancer on May 7 1998. So please visit a few of Eddie Rabbitt links and get to know who he was and listen to a few of his more familiar hit. Like "I Love A Rainy Night" "Every Which Way But Loose" "Kentucky Rain" etc.


  • The Rainbow Bridge
    This is a wonderful site for all Pet Lovers who had a pet/pets which have passed over. This site tells you what The Rainbow Bridge is. This site also has a grief area for pet lover to contect with other pet owners during the time of grieving. So stop by and have a look.

    The Rainbow Bridge

    My WebShot Page
    This site has 3 different albums which are photo's of my family, one of my Class Reunion of Central Catholic High School 1979 and the last album has photo's of my wonderfull 3 Shelties. Hope you like them.

    My WebShot Page

    Central Catholic High School Class of 1979
    This site contain iformation on our class , such as our 25th Reunion in 2004 and photo's of our past while attending CCHS. So com and take a brows at this site and all the rest you will enjoy all you discover

    CCHC Class of 1979


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