Course Objective:

This Course familiarize students with the typographic principles needed to create well-designed publications. Topics inclued the selection of appropriate type to convey a visual message,effective placement of type and graphic elements on the page and the role that the elements of design play in the page design. Students will also learn about historical developments in the field of typography and their impact on the publishing industry today.An interest will be placed on the role that technology plays in both paper base and on-line publishing.

Historical Movement Poster :
Fall 2001-2002

We had to design a post of a past Historical event. So I chose The Destijl Movement. We first had to do some research of this eara and com up with a post which would convey that. This all had to be don in QuarkXpres as well as using othersoftware.It had to be in B&W an done out on a 11x17 sheet of paper.Well our teacher had us save all info to a disk and go to a place like Kinkos to print it out I did 2 this one in Color and another in B&W

Celebrity 2 Page Spread:
Utilizing a Grid structure:

As students we had to create a two-page spread using facing pages in Quark. The document had to be set up as two 8x11 facing pages to create an 11x17 document. The we had to select a celebrity of historical figure that you can find sufficient data on. The we had to write 2 to 3 paragraphs about this celebrity which would be included in the spread. This celebrity had to be well know not one that was obscure.We had to inclued in this spread the following: one image, photograpg,illustration or drawing of celebrity, 2 or 3 paragraphs of text,a headline(in Large type) and a sub-heading as well as the importance of hierarchy, contrast,alignment,repetition,proximity and the us of white space.

Exhibit Poster & Invitation:2001-2002

As Students we had to design a poster and invitation for an exhibit at a museum, gallery or some othe event. The size of the poster is 11x17 it could be designed vertically or horizontally. The size of invitation was left up to us.Bothe the poster and invitation should be related in the use of type and images and should be designed as black and white pieces. Images for both could be from clip art books from your own collections, or images could be draw either by hand or computer. As you see I've only displayed the poster , but my paper portfolio has the invite with a matching envelope.

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