Photography & Digital Imaging

Photography & Digital Imaging

Course Objective:

  • To develop the skills and technical proficiencies necessary to produce well balanced and technically clean B&W prints in a conventional darkroom.
  • To develop the skills and technical proficiencies necessary to create, edit and manipulate digital images using Adobe Photoshop.
  • To develop an understanding and appreciation of elements of design and composition as they relate to the process of creating both digital and conventional B&W photographs.
  • To develop an understanding of historical developments in the field of Photography.

2-Depth of Field Assignment:

Fall 2002

This assignment had us shooting photo's at f-stop from a large aperture(f-2,f-2.8) to a small aperture(f-16,f-22)we also would have to change the shutter speed to maintain the poper exposure for each picture. After devoloping the negatives and proof sheets we then had to choose 2 of our best one either one of each depth of field or 2 of same so I choose these 2 which have a narrow depth of field.

Texture Assignment:

Fall 2002


In this assignment we experimented with textural/close-up photographs.The images could be of nature, plants, veetable,etc..Then we had to experiment with the lighting in and out doors as well as the different times of day. So these are just a couple of the ones I took and liked very much for more of my work look on the Gallery page.

Digital Imaging:
Fall 2002

This is a self portrait of a B&W photo which then I had to colorize it in Adobe photoshop Again I will have other digital photos on my Gallery page so check that page out.

Power Point Presentation:
Please Click On Photo To See Slide Show

As a project we where given a photographer which we had to do reseach on which then we had to do a Power Point Presentation on and give in class. The Photographer which I had to do all this on was Alfred Stieglitz. To see this Power Point Presentation which I did on Alfred Stieglitz just click on his picture.

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