Computer Graphic I

Computer Graphic I

Course Objective:

This Course familiarize students with vector base illustration software(Adobe Illustrator and QuarkXpress)and the creation of graphic images for both paper-based and web-based publications. Upon completion of this course,students will be able to differentiate between vector and rastor images and will know the appropriate use for each. Students will create illustrations and incorporate the illustrations into printed documents.

Product Label Project:

Spring 2001

As students we had to create a product label for a beer,soda or juice product using Adobe Illustrator. the product label should be placed in the middle of an 8x11 page in portrait orientation which should measure 4" wide by 3"high .This should have either a circle or oval incorporated in the design so you could used the path tex tool to conform to elliptical path. But what I did to be able to show a couple of the lables I did I combine 2 for viewing on the web. But my paper portfolio will have proper dimensions. We also had to use either scanned photos or an image that we had drawn using the pen tool. If we scanned it had to be at 150DPI and scanned to the size we needed for project we couldn't scale down .We also had to incorporate a pattern fill or a pattern which we had created with the pattern brush .This would then be printed out in color. I did a number of these which I handed in all and then would be graded on which ever one was thought to be the best. I could never hand in just one project. when I got going I saw all the different possibilities and all my creativity would go on over load.

Gradient Mesh In Class Work:

This was one of my in class assignments which I worked on besides having a weekly project to work on. For this class work we worked in Adobe Photoshop Illustator. We learned how to use the gradient mesh tool.Both I and my teacher really liked how my eggplant turned out.

Final Profect Ticket Order Page:


This project utilizes the Graphics capabilities and the page layout features of QuarkXpress.The dimention of this project are 8x11 page in portrait in QuarkXpress and printed to the color pinter in the Maclab.We had to create this Ticket page using text which was give to us in our directions, then we had to create a logo in Illustrator and save as a eps file then import this into QuarkXpress. Then we had to create a seating diagram in Illustrator using a drawing we where given as well as color coding the different areas of the seating diagram and also save this file as eps.When we where done we had to print it out.

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